Chum Chum Chronicles: The Unnatural Materialization of Jane


"Parthood" or "whole and parts" theory? There's only's not theory. From: "Beyond Sweet and Sour: Garlic"

Sometimes sarcasm reveals more truth than "one" can know. The "Blind Atheist" knows not what he says: Thus Spoke Garlic

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

(Banana Apocalypse)

                            Daiquiri Anyone?

The Doctrine of Laziness

Heidegger: A Philosopher Without Imagination. A critique of A=A as an expression of identity

Peace and Garlic


The Election

A dense coil of cigar smoke swirled though the sweating delegates frantically hustling within the stable walls of the Royal Order Moose Lodge: At such meetings people were bound to light up—even those who normally don't. And in the small talk amongst these busy agents of say-so, smiling and laughing intermittently interrupted their interactions concerning a better and safer future. But in the large talk dwarfing the wagging chins within the ancient hall of arbitration everyone was working together to elect the next President of the United States.

Hülle des Leidens