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The Chronology of Thereness: Garlic Flavored Nietzsche

From Nietzsche's Late Notebooks:  34[54], The chronological order reversed

The 'external world' affects us:  the effect is telegraphed into our brain, there arranged, given shape and traced back to its cause: then the cause is projected, and only then does the fact enter our consciousness.  That is, the world of appearances appears to us as a cause only once 'it' has exerted its effect and the effect has been processed.  That is, we are constantly reversing the order of what happens.  -  While 'I' see, it is already seeing something different.  Similar to the case of pain.

From Mereology: The Origins of Garlic Cures and the Art of Telling a Tale of Ragout, chapter 25, pages 211-12:

Also keep in mind that “ten seconds ago” is as real as “ten million years ago” or “in ten seconds” is never a reality but always, at the most, a product of the imagination found “in ten seconds” 1. In Garlic's little thinking game, it could be thought 2 that the closer any object comes to this moment, the greater its cause has on the net effect—the net effect being this moment… life living!  Nowing!  Take for example a standing row of dominoes numbered and ordered one through twelve (and not to confuse you anymore, but the numbers in this example have no related meaning to the aforementioned depiction; numbers here represent only “Difference” as it is Identity delivered order:  Numbers as identifiers).  Now to continue, you push the domino number one and it tips, and as it falls it hits number two, causing the number two domino to topple, and then the two strikes the three, and the three strikes the four, and the four strikes the five, and the five strikes the six, and the six strikes the seven, and the seven strikes the eight, and the eight strikes the nine, and the nine strikes the ten, and the ten strikes the eleven, and the eleven strikes the twelve, and in accordance with all the other fallen dominos the twelve falls.  The first question I ask you is which domino fell first?  In reality, the number twelve would be the first domino to fall:  But according to our mystically filled unique, yet universal machines of discovery, normally we would say or we say the number one domino was the first to fall.  Why the number twelve you ask?  The number twelve domino is the closest to Existence of (ising) the ever evasive moment of Now.

Garlic not only cures everything but it also restores the natural flow of time.