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Mereology & Reality (in this book)

This book is as much a work of fiction as it is a work of nonfiction: This means that a Tale of Ragout is completely based on imagination and, thus, the content of the story is real—as real as anything else you’re experiencing within Your immediate sensory field…as real as anything and everything within a life that fills existence with imagination. Either You can smell the garlic and taste the ragout or no. . . . . Additionally, Mereology: The Origins of Garlic Cures and the Art of Telling a Tale of Ragout has not been properly edited. Due to the difficult nature of some of its content combined with the limited budget BirdDogBooks had to work with, there were insufficient funds to hire a qualified editor. If there are any grammatical or syntax errors (that are making Your ragout feel like it is going rank) please feel free to contact the author or the publisher at the addresses found at: