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The message of a garlicky mereology

The message of a garlicky mereology

Mereology is difference relation(s)[1] and, when the relation(s) is given[2], form or gestalt geometrically.   Mereology is time occurring spatially without necessity of predication:  There is no cause and no effect because there is no object to the relation(s).  Mereology is pure relation(s) of anything and everything given in any, every and all context. Mereology is, thus, the horizon to all, any and every possible science and religion.

This clarification of mereology is important in that all other current mereological research still does not make a clean break between Difference and Identity[3]—a garlicky break that reveals Difference to be the area of truth and Identity to be the realm of illusion.  The 1=1 Cartesian collapse of Difference into Identity still pilots current merelogical discourse.

[1] Such relation(s) is (are) not necessarily numerical relation(s) Difference relation(s) in such a state represent pure cardinality. The numerical ordering (natural) attribute or character is something that occurs after geometric relations have established geometrical form or gestalt—when geometrical relations become, if only as illusion, phenomenonal. See synthetic a priori.  

[2] Given: Only after relation(s) has found itself (themselves) in both finite and infinite dimensions—when the limit realizes itself in the un-limit and when the un-limit realizes itself in the limit—when the bound experiences itself in the un-bound and the un-bound experiences itself in the bound —when the one knows itself only in the many and the many only knows itself in the one—does it (they) have potential to form or gestalt geometrically. But such a state (given) of relation(s) still does not live phenomenally:  There is and are not yet any illusions of thereness.  Difference relation(s) is not yet numerical ordering.

[3] I am aware of the fact that Gilles Deleuze works or worked within the framework of Difference and Identity, and with an Identity that is subjugated to Difference:  But I have yet to have read a single word of his works…but I am looking forward to that day.