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"Moral Phenomenon?" From the forthecoming book, "Beyond Sweet and Sour: Garlic"

Nietzsche writes, „There is no such thing as moral phenomenon, but only a moral interpretation of phenomena,”[1] and Garlic couldn’t disagree more.  Phenomenon is morality:  Life living exercises, in every and any given moment, absolute morality.  For those who might take issue with such a proposition, Garlic has to ask you:  Does not the most fundamental, basic essence of any and every appearance embody and hold the power of creation and destruction?   Something as simple as a single blade of grass, for example, personifies the potential  of giving shade to some other—aiding and embedding  that other with another breath of life—and yet, in that very same moment, creates a potential barrier for others…a barrier that may even lead to the demise of those others?  Is not then phenomenon preservation and death?  And wouldn’t this power in potential be morality itself?  We as humans just need to have the necessary courage and insight to accept, if not responsibly than bravely, nature.  Morality is consciousness  [2] [3]  itself.  Even Aristotle’s unmoved moves by passions derived in a moral concept:  Thaumázein is beyond sweet and sour. 

Nietzsche just lacked the courage and insight to get beyond his illusions and delusions of solitude. 

Thus Spoke Garlic

[1] Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

[2]  In this sense, even human relationships themselves are obstacles to success. The self can exist through illusively transcending Finite Existence, but Life is of consciousness:  All objects positively rise in this non-tangible dimension or what one could call a quantum complementarity expressed in Infinite/Finite appearance (Garlic Ontology2).  Objects are only as real as they are Identity:  Symbolic forms (ideas or mental images) positively rising in exchanging Infinite/Finite dimensions (“life seems to be essentially the act of perceiving or thinking”, Bk. IX: Ch. 9, Nicomachean Ethics, Introduction to Aristotle, Richard McKeon, 1947), the sum-total of which can be expressed as and in a meta-gravitational field law and (can be considered as and in a) meta-mathematical-temporality (meta- temporal) necessitated premise of Difference in tandem with the meta-physical necessitated premise of Identity.  Necessity is a tricky dance of otherness….  But, for example, this tricky dance has long since been recognized (in relative terms) in the wave/particle theory of light.  These objects (particles in this case) have, as they rise through symbolic form, only the positivity of consciousness itself as their goal… Finite/Infinitude or Infinite/Finitude OF THIS MOMENT!  For everything besides the living OF NOW, the best and most Identity and Difference can ever deliver is a good story—if one can smell the Garlic then one knows of the emotional high known as Life (Phenomeno- logical Deliverance—the role of Myth and Rhythm, in the tricky dance of otherness, is discussed in later chapter).  This emotional core of all relationships, as it is consciousness as ‘of’ (human or otherwise) anchored or anchoring in the original, non-Identity, Difference-consciousness (expressive-positivity or sheer Being or sheer Existence) and giving rise to Identity as symbolic forms (mental images, etc.) in deliverance, is the secret ingredient used by vampires and monsters.  But as the story of Individual mass consumerism goes, it’s held out before one’s mind like the proverbial carrot on a stick.  Obtaining the carrot—realizing Life in its Finite and Infinite simultaneous one and manythereness’ relationship(s)—is the impetus used to sell us consumer-object-Identity; thus any direct, real and unmediated relationships take away from one’s consumer Individual.  Even if I catch the carrot I’m still not satisfied because it was always only my carrot that I was chasing, and therefore “reality” still remains at the end of the stick:  The puppy catches its tail but let’s go when it realizes it has only caught its own tail; so begins the comedy once again, and remains, none-the-less, our Individual tragic comedy of deliverance.  (Mereology: The Origins of Garlic Cures and the Art of Telling a Tale of Ragout, pages 56-56)

[3]The greatest error in current sciences is revealed in their inability in recognizing consciousness as reality, and this is due to their failure to experience Difference and Identity as distinguishably-indistinguishable moments in their—the sciences defined by scientists—participatory consciousness. Although quantum physics has crossed the knowable barrier and now delivers uncertainty, probability, and predictability as the only true reality, it still has yet to embrace Garlic:  Quantum physics may recognize light—energy—exists in a state of duality (incompatible-compatibility of a wave and particle constant state(s) and the instantaneous nature of interaction in entanglement, but it still cannot grasp the nature of its own perspective. (Mereology: The Origins of Garlic Cures and the Art of Telling a Tale of Ragout) pages 148-49)