Streamlining the languages of philosophy: A=A as Difference Ontology

The principles underscoring the power(1) of Garlic are simple, and then again they can be quite difficult to understand for those persons who need to wrap their minds around some concrete method or meaning or who need to fully understand some simple or complex representational system or systems. There is only one thing given to the power and that is: There is a Difference.  But the Difference is, in an absolute sense, a Difference that is always recognizable in either its finite 'to' infinite or finite 'and' infinite relations.  Traditionally philosophers like to call this recognizable in the underscoring the a priori, and this is okay so long as what is given is not separate from what is being experienced:  There’s no transcendence to or in Difference relations.   What can only follow, in as far as the logic of Difference relations remains true to the finite 'to-and' infinite relations of the power, is that Difference can only differentiate through Identity.  The magic of such an appearance, which is what (to appear) an Identity must do in order that it is not just Difference, is that once Identity is established it appears (at least since the time of Descartes) that Difference corresponds to Infinite, and Identity to Finite:  And this unbounds Difference in probability and possibility.  However, this corresponding is only partly true—partly only in as far as it is an illusionary corresponding:  Because by the very a prior nature of Difference relations, Difference and Identity, each, themselves, would be unbounded only in their finite to infinite or finite and infinite a priori nature.  This is because Difference and Identity are, to borrow a term from quantum physics, a complementarity value and occur simultaneously in every act of differentiation.  However, for the sake of a clarity (as Descartes revealed to us) that reaches beyond (transcends) a mere Difference; Identity appears, if even only in an illusional (illusion + delusional) sense, to subjugate if not altogether negate Difference from the relations. But Difference is always on hand –no matter how hard one tries to level its preeminence, Difference is always prior, in a state of complementarity, to Identity—and this is something Spinoza reminds  us of.  Since reality is not an object or Identity for a mind to wrap itself around there needs to be some way to communicate or perhaps bridge this incommunicable and unknowable a priori knowledge to the forefront of the discourse without Identity destroying the origin (difference differentiating) in the process: The relation should not be negated, relegated, delegated or mitigated by or mediated through another Identity.  In this story Garlic is, to borrow another term from quantum physics, the Higgs Field where Finite and Infinite relate and can make an appearance without the story collapsing into itself; into an illusion that quickly becomes delusional due to its livelihood being contingent on the negation of Difference.    

Thus Spoke Garlic

1. " the power"  is in undefined terms thaumázein.

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